In this video I share a bit about the process and meaning of my recent commission painting of Saint George and Saint Christopher.

Heart Rose Meditation for Unity Heart Consciousness


This meditation is to awaken the sacred heart, expand into unity heart consciousness & to raise your vibrational frequency.
It can help you to release stress, uplift your spirit, to forgive, expand your heart and to love yourself more…

It is recommended to listen to this meditation in a relaxed, undisturbed environment.

This meditation is written & spoken by Vera Atlantia. It was created as guided visualization journey for one of her courses at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art ( and is now available as video.

Music: ‘Devi Prayer’ from the album ‘Sacred Chants of Devi’
by Ananda Vdovic & Craig Pruess
used with kind permission of Ananda Vdovic

Art by Vera Atlantia

Video arranged by Kuba Ambrose

Copyright: All Rights Reserved 2014.




Video and music by Magdalena Piatti

Art: ‘Heart Rose’ by Vera Atlantia